State of Georgia Archives

The State of Georgia Archives facility was failing due to age and inadequate structural and mechanical systems. An innovative facility with new state-of-the-art climate control systems was needed to safely house and preserve historical artifacts; however, this facility needed to be strategically located within close proximity to the Atlanta and have the necessary infrastructure to support tourism.

The Governor and Secretary of State asked TUFF to invest in and own a new 170,000 square foot facility near Clayton State University. In keeping with its education mission, TUFF invested $41 million in tax-exempt debt to finance the project and provided the State of Georgia a build-to-suit facility. TUFF’s unique structure was instrumental in making this project a reality and had the added benefit of allowing Clayton State to expand its curriculum.  After the facility was completed, the University was able to offer classes in Archival Technology and place interns and other students in jobs within the facility.

The facility contains multiple archival laboratories and an HVAC system with highly precise temperature and moisture controls.  Working with the State, the development team encouraged the Federal Government to co-locate a Regional Archives facility adjacent to the State Archives facility - the only such co-location in the nation.