Clayton State University - Gateway Village

Encroaching commercial development around Clayton State University was not consistent with the long term vision of the Institution. The entrance to the University was quickly being compromised by fast foods chains, automotive part stores, and maintenance facilities. The area lacked a sense of community and was in need of revitalization.

TUFF partnered with Gateway Development Services to acquire the remaining land at the entrance to the University before it was completely consumed. Gateway provided the assemblage expertise and TUFF provided the initial capital to jumpstart the process.  Ultimately, the Development Authority of Clayton County issued $28.5 million in tax-exempt bonds for itself and used that money to acquire the target parcels.

Ultimately, the 93 acre purchase included 65 individual land owners comprising two entire neighborhoods, 13 apartment complexes, and vacant land.  The feasibility study TUFF completed includes land for the Regional and State Archives Facility, a hotel conference center, a business school facility, and a research & office park.


TUFF acting as a buffer with the commercial marketplace allowed me to focus on the program and TUFF to focus on real estate development.

Clayton State University
David Carmichael, Executive Director, Georgia Archives at Clayton State University
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