Clemson University - International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR)

Clemson University, along with automotive partner BMW, wanted to capitalize on the automotive presence in the Upstate Region of South Carolina and develop an automotive research park in Greenville.  BMW's recent decision to place a corporate facility in the State cemented the automotive industry and provided Clemson with a sophisticated automotive partner. BMW was willing to use some of its state-provided economic incentives as capital to accelerate the development of a research park that would generate not only automotive innovation but also graduates of Clemson who understood both business and engineering.  Additionally, the park would create opportunities for start-up companies and promote entrepreneurship.

TUFF was engaged by Clemson in 2003 to develop a business plan and working model for the 250 acre automotive research park. The plan was instrumental in formulating an effective programming mechanism to maximize capital and land resources. Due to the park’s subsequent success, TUFF has been asked to consider further development for the institution.


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Clemson University
Doug Richardson, Director, Finance & Administration for Advancement
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