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TUFF is both counselor and investor.  TUFF's objective when introduced to an Institution is to first carefully assess its unique needs through conversations with the administration, community, and when appropriate, investments bankers, architects, and other development professionals.  This comprehensive analysis that comes with an engagement of TUFF will result in a tailored strategy for the Institutions goals, rather than a uniform solution.  Accordingly, TUFF is the most effective when it is called upon early in the process of planning a new facility.

Often, the subsequent step after the initial engagement is a facility investment.  TUFF’s investment model offers alternative ways for institutions to achieve ownership without incurring burdens of becoming real estate experts or of assuming traditional debt.  Whether it is the acquisition of an existing automobile manufacturing plant or the ground up development of a new science building, TUFF can take on a breadth of challenges.  TUFF is non-traditional in approach, but nonetheless provides efficient solutions that respond to the institution's specific requirements.

TUFF understands the fine line that Institutions walk between human and economic constraints and the need to continually foster growth.  With an ever changing landscape of new accounting regulations, bond rating agency stipulations, and building technologies, TUFF’s experience and flexibility allow for successful adaptation to any situation, whether a counseling engagement or investment, while providing high-quality, economically viable solutions.

Project Spotlight

Savannah Technical College

Savannah Technical College

In 2003, the Savannah Technical College, a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), was looking to expand its facilities.  The President of the institution asked TUFF to...

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TUFF will be integral to our future development.

Georgia Gwinnett College
Dr. Daniel J. Kaufman, President
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