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The University Financing Foundation

While the commitment of an educator is steadfast, the world of financing and delivering facilities and equipment has vastly changed.  What was once a straightforward process no longer is—filled with unforeseen challenges, costly delays, and a host of opinions urging vastly different theories.

The successful delivery of a facility takes more than brokers or bankers. It takes a true partner who’s been there before with the experience, connections, and capacity to help identify and avoid the pitfalls, and ultimately help institutions deliver on their promise.

The University Financing Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) organization created specifically to provide both counsel and execution ability to institutions of education and research. Since its incorporation in 1982, TUFF has financed over $800 million in 33 projects across the country and made over $8 million in charitable donations to institutions and other foundations.

TUFF is not an investment bank but develops strategy like investment bankers.  TUFF is not a commercial lender but does have capital which it can loan or invest into viable projects.  TUFF is also not a developer, but can work closely with the for-profit development community to utilize the efficiencies of the private sector.  At its core, TUFF is an investment grade non-profit organization whose main purpose is to partner with institutions to maximize the economic efficiency of their critical real estate projects.


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Project Spotlight

Georgia State University Lofts

Georgia State University Lofts

Georgia State University (GSU) was in need of additional student housing facilities near their central campus complex in Downtown Atlanta.  Specifically, married and international students...

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Their experience reflects that they are not just real estate developers and investors, they are trusted business advisors.

Georgia Tech
Wayne Hodges, Former Vice Provost and Director of ATDC
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