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What We Do

Develop and Acquire Real Estate

Our developments add vitality to campuses and communities.

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Vibrant campus communities are where great ideas are born and groundbreaking research takes place.

The creation of these communities has been at the core of TUFF’s mission for over 35 years. Since 1982 we have:

  • Developed labs, classrooms, research parks, dorms, and other mission-essential facilities that enable institutional growth and strengthen communities
  • Crafted lease agreements that minimize the cost of occupancy for institutions and maximize the potential for educational achievement
  • Deployed creative strategies to achieve affordability, including below-market leasing, lease terms, and the direct gift of the facility
  • Engaged directly with institutions to ensure the long-term vitality of the facilities we develop

Developing and financing these facilities is challenging and involves many competing agendas.

TUFF overcomes those challenges by:

  • Navigating a complex web of potential pitfalls and constraints
  • Selecting the most appropriate financial, construction, and design options from an array of potential choices
  • Reducing the institution’s exposure to risk of ownership
  • Pursuing developments efficiently and affordably

To learn more or begin a conversation with TUFF, contact us or call 404-214-9200.

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