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Colleges and universities face special challenges when it comes to developing facilities.

As mission-driven developers and advisors, we create the best strategy for developing facilities, buying real estate, and financing developments as efficiently as possible.

Our non-profit structure and breadth of experience creating education and research communities are unique in this marketplace. We draw on both to craft strategies such as:

  • Tailoring developments to the specific needs of faculty, students, researchers, industry partners, and the surrounding community
  • Crafting solutions that include balance sheet restructuring
  • Collaborating with investment bankers, architects, planners, and other development professionals
  • Traversing an array of institutional and budgetary challenges
  • Activating facilities through creative programming and community-driven solutions

From concept to development, TUFF is a partner whose mission aligns with your own.

While each strategy depends of the unique needs of the institution, all seek to reduce the cost of occupancy and enable long-term affordability of the development. Our goal is to deliver the facilities you need to fulfill your mission.

Specific strategies may include:

  • Identifying and securing capital resources such as:
    • New Markets Tax Credits
    • Economic incentives
    • Philanthropy
    • Tax-exempt financing
    • Equity investments
  • Analyzing indirect cost recovery options
  • Developing lease arrangements that manage current accounting standards
  • Engaging in Public-Private Partnerships (P3) that advance your mission
  • Implementing long-term asset management solution.

As a non-profit developer, we are uniquely positioned to transform your vision into a strategy that enhances your education and research community.

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