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Our creative financial strategies provide margin.

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Every campus development faces unique financial challenges.

At TUFF, we help institutions address all of them. From obtaining capital to identifying incentives to minimizing risk to reducing expenses, we draw on an array of resources and strategies to deliver the facilities your institution needs.

Over the last 41 years, we have helped education and research institutions across the nation by:

  • Securing below-market financing directly through TUFF in conjunction with other funding sources
  • Identifying special incentives that make new developments possible, such as the New Markets Tax Credit program
  • Restructuring existing balance sheets to improve financial flexibility for immediate and future development initiatives
  • Obtaining a credit rating to make financing more attainable
  • Keeping occupancy costs low to conserve resources for other uses
  • Reducing operational expenses through energy efficiency upgrades and renovations
  • Transferring the risks of execution, construction, interest rates, and ongoing ownership to TUFF

In a turbulent storm of financial obstacles, our agility and experience calm the waters, make new facilities affordable, and help you fulfill your institutional mission.

TUFF’s charitable benefits confer financial advantages that are exceptional in today’s marketplace.

In addition to deploying innovative financial strategies, our 501(c)(3) operating structure gives us broad flexibility for achieving financial efficiency. As a charitable foundation, we can provide below-market lease structures. However, low-cost structures are only one way we extend our charitable benefits.

At TUFF, we also help institutions surmount financial challenges through:

  • Gifts or grants
  • Equity contributions to projects
  • Below-market lease terms
  • Strategic use of TUFF credit
  • Gift of ownership following retirement of a lease
  • Bargain purchase options, when appropriate

By designing dynamic financial strategies and operating with built-in financial advantages, we make mission-driven campus developments a reality.

To learn more or begin a conversation with TUFF, contact us or call 404-214-9200.

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