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Our Impact

Stronger Communities

TUFF’s investments facilitate community enhancement.

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Local innovation brings local opportunities.

By investing in education and research, we help higher education institutions thrive. However, it is not just institutions that benefit from our activities. The communities surrounding these institutions prosper, too.

When we make strategic investments, local communities experience:

  • Growth: Increased student enrollment and new research enterprises bring economic opportunity to neighborhoods, districts, and regions
  • Diversity: Educational expansion attracts new people, professions, and industries, making communities more vibrant
  • Collaboration: By building bridges among universities, civic organizations, economic development groups, and local government, our investments foster stronger community ties

Every community holds human potential. TUFF’s investments breathe life into underserved neighborhoods.

Throughout our 35-year history, we have invested in multiple projects that empower struggling communities. From research campuses in urban centers to inviting new spaces in distressed neighborhoods, our developments accelerate community revitalization.

Thriving communities invite commerce, innovation, and growth. At TUFF, we give communities access to those advantages.

Results tell the story better than we can.

TUFF’s investments have helped education and research institutions such as:

  • Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
    • 223 new jobs created in the North Chicago community
    • Advocacy for access to New Markets Tax Credits to further offset development costs, benefiting the University
    • Jointly developed job training program between the University, community non-profits, and economic development officials
    • Expansion of critical community programs and health clinics to over 2,000 citizens
    • Hands-on training for 2,200 students in providing care for members of the underserved community in Lake County

Learn how these projects strengthened communities.

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