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Georgia Power Announces New Tech Square Microgrid Project with Georgia Tech

By March 13, 2019No Comments

Sustainable developments create healthier communities and, when woven together with innovative technologies, allow for new insights into how energy systems are utilized. Tech Square, developed by The University Financing Foundation (TUFF), is the ideal location to showcase such sustainable technologies at the heart of the Midtown Atlanta Innovation District. As exhibited by a recent announcement from Georgia Power in collaboration with Georgia Tech, that it will build a new 1.4 MW microgrid in Tech Square. Microgrids are self-contained power systems co-located with the facilities they serve that include generation resources, storage systems and energy management systems. The Tech Square Microgrid, which will begin operating this fall, will be used to evaluate how a microgrid can effectively integrate into and operate as part of the overall electrical grid. Additionally, it will serve as a living laboratory for Georgia Tech professors and students who will use the asset to gather data on controllers, cybersecurity devices and energy economics. Learn more about this exciting announcement and continued investments in innovation at Tech Square.