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TUFF Innovations Joins Strategic Partners To Advance Innovation Ecosystem Progress Across the Country

By July 25, 2023January 8th, 2024No Comments

To advance innovation ecosystem progress across the country and expand university-industry collaboration, TUFF Innovations, UI Collab and Collaborative Real Estate have joined forces to share the collective expertise of these synergistic organizations.

  • With the foundation of forty years of experience providing place for institutions of education and research to expand their research enterprise, supporting innovation and commercialization, and stimulating activation, TUFF Innovations supports Institutions regarding the most successful engagement strategies needed to connect students, faculty, researchers, and the marketplace.¬†TUFF Innovations offers custom solutions to solve unique challenges in the innovation communities that they develop and in which they invest.
  • UIDP has launched a consulting firm, UI Collab, which delivers customized services that leverage the depth of knowledge and general guidance the membership organization provides.¬† The new firm is tapping into a network of deep expertise to tailor solutions to the needs of both universities and industry, focusing on strengthening partnership structures and functions, assessing innovation ecosystem strengths, analyzing growth opportunities, and boosting partnership management and contracting capabilities in research organizations.
  • Collaborative Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm specializing in knowledge-based real estate and university research parks. That specialization is born out of recognition that true value stems from people and discoveries, not the buildings in which they reside. Their properties are managed by creating robust and intentional programming which nurtures a strong communal sense and instills a pervasive culture of curiosity, intellectual sharing, and group interaction.

The services offered through this unique partnership will become a catalyst for increased successes across their university, research park and innovation ecosystem stakeholders.