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VERO-biotech System Developed at Technology Enterprise Park

By March 29, 2020No Comments

The FDA recently approved VERO-biotech’s tankless nitric oxide system, the first tankless system of its kind, to combat the Coronavirus. The application of VERO’s tankless inhaled nitric oxide system is valuable, especially during a time of crisis. Due to the rampant spread of the virus, many hospitals are overwhelmed. The number of beds and ventilators are in short supply. The portable nature of the device allows healthcare providers to treat patients with greater flexibility and ultimately achieve better care for those infected. VERO-biotech resides at Technology Enterprise Park, just adjacent to Georgia Tech. This breakthrough is just one example of the work being done at Research Parks all over the country, and is further proof that the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus is taking place at Research Parks and Innovation districts across the country. Click HERE for more details.